Second Opinion Review

Second Opinion Review

When an important decision needs to be made, it’s sometimes wise to seek outside advice. A second opinion can provide perspective and a clearer picture. Sometimes the most important asset is a fresh look at an existing financial or investment situation. Lauterbach Financial Advisors will act as a sounding board and provide a truly independent, unbiased second look. 

What can you expect from our Second Opinion Review?


For many financial advisors, “complimentary reviews” are just a marketing ploy or a prospecting tool.

Since we are not beholden to any specific brokerage firm, mutual fund company or insurer, we can offer them as a truly unbiased service. 

As a result, our Second Opinion Reviews are actionable, easy to understand and free of conflicts of interest.


Our Second Opinion Reviews are built on the premise of mutual understanding, so they are highly interactive.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask any question you may have about your financial situation.


Our team of experienced financial advisors will take the time necessary to understand your big picture.

Only after having a complete understanding of your specific circumstances and what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll evaluate the quality of your current plan.


Although we’re knowledgeable about the different areas that encompass your financial picture, we recognize that we’re not attorneys, insurance agents or tax advisors.

If necessary, we’ll consult with your team of professionals* in those fields to give you the full perspective of where you’re standing.

*Please note, such professionals may charge fees independent of ours.

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