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You dream of doing more with your money and your life

Caring for those dreams is what we do.

Our clients range in age, investment goals, lifestyle and assets under management. With every engagement we provide guidance and comprehensive investment strategies designed to improve and enrich the lives and livelihoods of these clients.

We are an independent, fee-only fiduciary firm that listens to your needs, embraces your dreams and crafts comprehensive financial plans and investment strategies to meet your immediate needs and reach your future ambitions.

We strive to eliminate worry by creating innovative, informed investment strategies customized to meet the unique needs of individuals.

Real Financial Advisors

We get to know you, your hopes, your dreams and your goals so we can figure out the most effective way to get you there.

Awareness, Confidence and Education

We weather fluctuations and market volatility confidently together, with awareness and education.

Confident Planning and Financial Advice For Living Your Best Life

Live your best life knowing that our resources, professional relationships and expertise can confidently navigate your financial complexities.

Long-term, Customized Financial Planning

We work with entire families to ensure financial wellness and fiscal responsibility.

Tax Informed Portfolio Management

We offer proactive tax and investment advisement for families and businesses at home and abroad.

Big Picture Perspectives

We develop elevated perspectives for your overall fiscal wellness, including the associated tax implication and detailed insights for retirement plans, portfolio management and cash liquidity.

About us

Lauterbach Financial Advisors is a dynamic team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ professionals, wealth advisors, CPAs and tax specialists working together to meet the needs of a diverse client base in and around El Paso, Texas. Serving the community since 1999, LFA has focused on the tax implications of wealth management in an effort to truly help clients realize a life of financial freedom.

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