Alliances & Affiliations

To succeed in our mission of helping clients Live Financially Confident, we have teamed up with a variety of partners.

Strategic Partners

Lauterbach, Borschow & Co has over 60 years of tax planning experience. We work together to integrate our clients’ tax planning and financial planning.

Buckingham Strategic Partners provides operational support; tested evidence-based investing tools; and access to nationally-recognized thought leaders and experts in various fields.

Investment Providers

As independent, fee-only investment advisors, we have access to just about all of the investment products available in the market. However, only a few match our investment principles. When and/or if our Investment Committee finds another fund family or investment vehicle, we evaluate it to determine its applicability.

Below you’ll find some of the fund companies whose products we use as building blocks for our clients’ portfolios (and our own). 


Over time, we’ve created deep-rooted relationships with many of the world’s top custodians. Their job is to hold our clients’ assets, provide online account access, prepare statements, facilitate trading activity and provide reports to tax authorities (like 1099 forms, for example), among other activities. All of our clients’ accounts are in their own names, which provides them with the security and flexibility of accessing their accounts and balances at any time. 

Professional Affiliations

Most of our team members are involved in organizations that provide opportunities for continuing education and the advancement of knowledge in their areas of expertise. These organizations are also a reflection of the values and priorities of the firm. 

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