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Fixed-Income Investing in the Current Rate Environment
In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Head of Investment Research Jared Kizer explores fixed income investing in the current rate environment and shares three reasons why it’s crucial to take additional maturity risk.
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Fee-Only and Fiduciary: What It Means for Your Financial Planning
The model in which financial advisors earn income could influence their recommendations, which may impact your return on investments, long-term objectives and portfolio performance.
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Maximizing Health Care Savings in Retirement With an HSA
Depending on your medical needs and those of your family, you may have enrolled in a high-deductible health plan that allows you to pay for medical expenses using a health savings account (HSA).
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Should You Allocate 100% of your Portfolio to Fixed Income?
Is it wise to allocate 100% of your portfolio to fixed income? In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Head of Investment Research Jared Kizer shares why this strategy has
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Interest Rate and Inflation Overview, Update and Outlook
In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Head of Investment Research Jared Kizer provides an overview, update and outlook on interest rates and inflation as we head into August. Transcript:
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The Power of an Enrolled Agent as Your Financial Advisor
When it comes to managing finances, seeking professional guidance can be an important step. However, not all financial planners are created equal. It is crucial to consider the credentials and qualifications of the individual you ultimately decide to guide you on your financial journey.
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6 Key Financial Considerations for Unmarried Couples
As many committed couples are choosing to forgo marriage, it’s becoming more common for wealth advisors to receive questions on the financial planning implications.
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Ten Key Elements of a Fulfilling Retirement
While we often talk about the financial aspects of retirement, it’s equally important to consider the emotional, mental and physical facets that accompany the next phase of your life. In
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High-Yield Dividend Paying Stocks
Due to their regular cash flow and perceived lower risk, high-dividend paying stocks are popular with investors. But are they a smart option? In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives,
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