With the second quarter underway, our thought leaders share their views on the market performance to date, where interest rates are headed and what tax legislation changes could mean for your financial plan.

Our Quarterly Connects Webinar features Buckingham thought leaders’ perspectives on U.S. and global market performance, tax planning considerations, and other developments on the horizon that may have an impact on your financial plan. During this recorded webinar, our professionals shared an update on what drove the market last quarter and what we’re keeping an eye on for the coming quarters. They also shared updates on big tax changes coming in 2025 and why now is a good time to review your tax strategies with your advisor to prepare for those changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Markets have performed well so far this year – a rebound from 2022. Stock and fixed income indexes were both up for the first quarter, as well as some alternative investment strategies.
  • Developments related to the debt ceiling may lead to market volatility over the coming months. As always, a diversified portfolio is the best defense against unpredictable market swings.
  • Higher interest rates present an opportunity to fine tune financial plans, including for homebuyers and sellers or those looking to tap into equity to make home improvements.
  • Taxpayers face big changes in the coming years as many provisions in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will sunset in 2025. The changes will have an impact on income tax brackets and estate planning. We explained why the best strategy is to start planning now.
  • Questions are still circulating on financial institution stability and FDIC coverage limits. For more information on bank safety and deposit insurance, view our recent webinar on this topic.

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