Professor Murphy is the George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In 1997, Professor Murphy was awarded the John Bates Clark Medal by the American Economic Association as the most outstanding American economist under the age of 40. In 2005, he received a MacArthur Fellowship. This webcast was recorded on May 12, 2020.

Recording time stamps:

(00:45)     Introduction to Kevin Murphy and his latest research
(04:50)     The (economic) value of health and longevity
(09:54)     Analysis of lives lost vs. economic costs of COVID-19
(21:14)     How has lost labor affected the economy?
(26:04)     Policies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
(31:54)     A global review of preventative strategies
(38:14)     Should we focus on flattening the curve or achieving herd immunity?
(48:23)     Guidelines for reopening the economy
(56:09)     Finding and assessing reliable information

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