We have some exciting news to share with you!

As you may know, Lauterbach Financial Advisors is part of an active community of more than 130 independent wealth management firms throughout the United States. Each and every firm works to deliver on the promise of true wealth management for investors and their families. A few weeks ago, all the member firms came together to launch the BAM ALLIANCE — a new destination of ideas, insights and intelligence that enables our clients to make even better decisions about their financial futures.


As a member of the BAM ALLIANCE, we take great pride in bringing to you these high-value relationships and resources. For our clients, being a part of the BAM ALLIANCE means having greater access to the expertise, instruments and ongoing education that helps you accomplish your most important goals. For LFA, it’s the opportunity to extend our reach and bring even more comprehensive wealth management solutions to our clients every day.

More than anything, being a part of the BAM ALLIANCE means that we spend our time doing what we are most passionate about — working directly with you to help safeguard your financial future and realize your dreams. It’s important to know that nothing has changed relative to the ownership or structure of our firm and our relationship with you. The BAM ALLIANCE is simply a new name, an expanded resource, for the community of like-minded advisors and thought leaders we’ve known and worked with for over twelve years.

We invite you and your family and friends to visit the Alliance’s new website: TheBAMAlliance.com. It is a showcase for the array of information and education that is the centerpiece of the BAM ALLIANCE. With continuously updated content and links to social media, it will be a site you’ll want to visit often! As always, please reach out to us with any questions or ideas you have about the BAM ALLIANCE. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing more about this exciting community moving forward.

The following video describes what the BAM ALLIANCE is all about: