We believe that an educated investor is a better investor; and even with a well designed financial plan, investors are constantly receiving mixed messages from numerous places.  With that in mind, starting today we’ll publish weekly updates with articles from various sources to help you make more informed investment decisions and to ignore the noise that surrounds the investment world.

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Today we’re featuring three articles from Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at our partner BAM Advisor Services. Larry is the author of nine books on investing and was the featured speaker at our 10th Anniversary event last May.

Third Quarter Update on This Year’s “Sure Things”. Every year, the talking heads of the financial media discuss the events absolutely certain to occur during the year. It’s time for our quarterly update of the “sure things” that were supposed to happen this year.

Why Index Funds Only Receive Three Stars from Morningstar. Many investors wonder why index funds typically carry a three-star rating from Morningstar if they’re supposed to be so good. A recent study by the Vanguard Institute shows you why.

We’ll close today with a couple of articles discussing the pros and cons of dollar-cost averaging, a strategy usually described as “good”. When Dollar-Cost Averaging Makes Sense & When Dollar-Cost Averaging Doesn’t Make Sense.