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Financial planning for your best life

Gain confidence in your investments and asset management.

Comprehensive financial planning and investment management, with a focus on tax implications.

Areas of Practice


Our take on what others might call “General Financial Planning” is anything but general. It’s a far more holistic, evidence-based approach to ensure your financial strategy plays a larger role in helping you achieve your life goals. We understand and align critical components of financial health, and every decision is made with your life goals in mind


Originally founded by CPAs, LFA has always put effective tax planning at the heart of our wealth management experience. Taxes, if not thought about strategically, can be one of the quickest ways to erode the gains from an otherwise solid financial plan. Taxes touch almost every element of wealth management — from investment strategies, to planning for your retirement and legacy. We advocate for portfolios and planning that minimize tax loads and maximize life goals.

Retirement Planning

Retiring with full financial independence is often the biggest goal our clients share, and one you should plan for as carefully as possible. It requires a comprehensive yet flexible strategy — one that brings all facets of your personal and financial needs together to create peace of mind and the ability to retire with the lifestyle you’ve envisioned. We help you implement a safe retirement income strategy that considers longevity, tax impact and the variability of returns.


We collaborate with insurance professionals to ensure your policies account for assets, potential exposures, and risks, coordinating coverages to account for your financial success.

EMPLOYER Retirement Plans

Whether you’re looking to maximize owner contributions or optimize participant benefits, we’ll help you design a plan to meet your goals. We share your mission to help your retirement plan participants achieve their financial goals. We focus on helping plan sponsors and participants make smart, informed decisions with the utmost transparency. If you already have a retirement plan in place, we can help you review it to ensure that the design, expenses and services offered still match your needs.


Our foundation and endowment services are tailored to the unique circumstances of not-for-profit institutions. We offer the prudent investment management and financial guidance that you need to advance your organization’s missions and goals. We help you develop a written Investment Policy consistent with the mission and the long-term goals of the organization. We also collaborate with you to develop and implement spending plans to support the current and long-term needs of the organization.
We know there are tons of investment “gurus” and investment advice abounds. We also know that the prospect of making financial mistakes and “losing it all” is terrifying. We provide clear answers to your most pressing concerns, furnishing the insights you need to invest with confidence. With Lauterbach Financial Advisors, you get the assurance and support you need in your financial life.

Our process is the foundation of lasting, often multi-generational, relationships.

We’re focused on finance, so you can focus on your life.

Our research, industry insights, expertise and relationships give us the resources and confidence to address the range of financial complexities. We collaborate with accountants, attorneys, tax specialists and other financial professionals to develop and refine industry best practices. Our efforts and engagements enrich and inform everything we do, lending more insights and expertise to your financial planning.

An Evidence-Based Approach

In the debate between active and passive investment strategies, we subscribe to an “evidence-based” approach. Leaning on decades of research and experience as well as professional insights and collegial relationships, we promote low-cost investment vehicles and diversification. We don’t game the markets and never attempt to pick the next “winner.” We accept no more risk than a client is willing, able or needs to engage, always taking an objective approach to risk and advising clients on their optimal course of action. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations with clients, when the advice is in their best interest. We are invested in the lives and livelihoods of our clients and are available for them through good times and bad. We forge long-term relationships and advocate for long-term perspectives. We anticipate client needs, building and reinforcing trust through thoughtful, proactive financial planning strategies and continued awareness. Through our relationships and professional associations, and an ethos of learning, we stay abreast of tax laws, investment opportunities, industry changes and new products, always enhancing our offerings and striving to improve outcomes for our clients.

We employ a comprehensive tax lens in our investment philosophies.

This ideology was valid in 1999 when we started LFA, and is just as relevant today. Our expertise and professional relationships foster awareness of tax laws and their implications for our clients. Investing is less taxing with this comprehensive approach to investing and taxes.

We forge lasting relationships and are a support for you in the long term.