At Lauterbach Financial Advisors, we celebrate the effort, service, and dedication you bring to your nonprofit organization. As a fiduciary financial advisor for institutions throughout the El Paso–Las Cruces Region, we are proud to help you, the trustees and board members, make smarter decisions for your organizations.  We offer the prudent, unbiased investment management and financial guidance you need to advance your organization’s missions and goals.

As an institutional leader, you bear fiduciary obligations. It is imperative that you understand the investment process and the specific strategies being advanced on your behalf. We strive to empower you with the information you need to understand the investment options, make thoughtful choices, and better execute your governance responsibilities.

We want you to feel confident that your board is doing the right thing for your organization and the people it serves.

Our Services to Institutions Include:

Investment Policy Design

We help organizations develop written investment policies consistent with their missions and long-term goals.

Spending Policy Design

We help organizations develop and implement spending plans to support their current and long-term needs.

Investment Management

Our portfolios are designed using institutional low-cost, no-load, no-commission investment vehicles.

Portfolio Stress-Testing

We utilize statistical analysis to assess the impact on the portfolio of changes in spending policies, cash flow and market performance.

Ongoing Collaboration

We take an active participation in board meetings to help the organization remain aligned with its investment and spending policy.

Performance Reviews and Reporting

We provide quarterly review meetings and easy to understand performance reports.

Investor Education

We provide materials and resources to make the investment experience more rewarding and less cumbersome.

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